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2015 National Senior Games New Record 186' 6"

2015 National Senior Games New Record 186′ 6″

With help from Olive Gold 03 I was able to overcome injuries and stay injury free to compete in the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis.  I set a new meet record in the 55-59 age division with a throw of 186′ 6″.  That was 12 feet farther than my personal best and broke the Senior Games record by 10 feet.

USATF 2015 Masters Championships 175' 3"

USATF 2015 Masters Championships 175′ 3″

Yup. Gold Medal at the 2015 USA Track and Field Masters Outdoor Chamionships. Olive Gold was a huge part of my training for the javelin event. At 56 my body does not bounce back rapidly from intense exercise. Olive Gold 03 really helped with sore muscles and joints. It was a real help in recovering from achilles and patellar tendonitis.

OK. I am a believer. I earned Second Place in the USA Track and Field Masters Championships on July 19th. I competed in the 55-59 yr old age group. My first throw was six feet further than I had thrown during training all year: 174’3″. I was anticipating a Gold Medal as the event went through the rounds. No one got anywhere close to that mark until the Fifth Round when Michael Janusey surpassed it by 21 inches. Olive Gold was a big part of my preparation. It really helped me recover from intense muscle soreness in the legs during training. . .

Best action frame

OK, training to throw the javelin at age 55 may not sound like the best idea. Picking up the javelin after 35 years and preparing to compete in Masters track and field events has been more challenging than I first thought. My body is protesting loudly: I get sore in places I never knew existed. My secret to recovery? Olive Gold 03 after and sometimes prior to a training session. I am pleased with how it helps control the muscle and joint pain and along with my systemic enzymes ( it really reduces internal inflammation and helps me recover from the soreness rapidly.

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic Indian tradition that is thousands of years old.  It is a practice that is aimed at dental and oral health.  It is performed by strongly swishing an oil in the mouth pulling it between the teeth for 20 minutes.  Several oils can be used — but the major upgrade is using Olive Gold 03, with its stabilized ozone in olive oil.

Try this oil pulling with a teaspoon of OG03.  The power of ozone will not require that you pull it through your teeth for 20 minutes.  Do it for 3 or 4 minutes after brushing, but don’t wash your mouth out afterwards.  (Use the Unscented OG03).  The pathogenic bacteria have no chance in the presence of ozone.  The oil may be swallowed afterward for more health benefits.  For those who use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash will find oil pulling with this ozonated olive oil  much more pleasant.

I was diagnosed with skin cancer in two areas on my face.  These were not typical basal lesions, but were darker, scaly patches on my cheek and above my brow, each one about the diameter of a bottle top.   The dermatologist prescribed a cream that had metabolites that only attacked the cancer cells.  This topical chemotherapy lasted 14 days and was very uncomfortable.  It basically resulted in what appeared as chemical burns on the skin.  Ugly, oozy and rather painful.  I applied Olive Gold 03 several times a day and it completely healed in one week.  I had new pink skin at these two sites and was able to start using sunscreen to avoid any worse discoloration to my face.  This product really speeds healing.

I have heard from three customers who claim they experience relief from the nerve pain of peripheral neuropathy.  I was surprised to hear this since there is little that can be done for patients with this condition.  One case described having peripheral neuropathy in her legs and feet from multiple spinal surgeries over the course of several decades.  She reported that topical use of  Olive Gold 03 offered more relief from the pain than anything else she had tried.

I have had dramatic improvement with dishydrotic eczema using Olive Gold 03 internally and externally.  After procrastinating over treating the  small eczema breakouts on my hands after a week of hand washing dishes while vacationing in a cabin with no dishwasher, the outbreaks got worse.

I had not had an episode of this skin problem in years and was reminded of how miserable it can be.   This eczema is distinguished by inflamed patches of red blisters that erupt under the skin and itch like crazy.  The area swells and the blisters enventually dry out leaving deep dry scales and cracks in the skin.  In my case the affected areas of my hands were between and along the sides of the fingers.

The first thing I learned to avoid is washing the skin too much.  The soap and water dry and irritate the skin and make it worse.  Because it was my hands, that was almost impossible to do.   I avoided all commercial soaps, creams and lotions.  The additives were usually irritating.

When I had had enough suffering several weeks later I committed to completing a liver-gall bladder flush using 4 oz. of Olive Gold 03.  This protocol is the fastest way to cleanse the liver and the blood.  I was happy to expel multiple dark “stones” or cholesterol pellets doing this simple and easy home remedy.

This one thing put the fire out on my hands.  The outbreak I was experiencing the day before was gone the next and my hands began to heal.

However, I got lazy and went back to my habit of washing my hands as usual and not taking more care of the skin on my hands.  (I thought I was over it).  New outbreaks came about a week later although they were much less severe.

I had read about using vinegar.  I found that soaking (or at least wetting) my hands with apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s ACV) and applying Olive Gold 03 after they dried was the best combination for healing the affected areas.  I also would rub pure shea butter on my hands a couple of times a day and squirt some Olive Gold 03 on at the same time.   I always did all three before bed and tried to remember to put on my cotton gloves when I could locate them.  Since Olive Gold 03 has the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal effect from the ozone, I could eliminate the irritating  soap and water hand washing by half.

Anyway this has really helped defeat this eczema outbreak.  I believe I should have continued to do a liver-gall bladder flush two weeks after the first one.   I am sure that would have help speed my recovery.

Also I forgot to mention that I also took Zymessence ( a powerful systemic enzyme that is among other things, the best  natural anti-inflammatory.

I hope you find these suggestions for your skin problems helpful.

Here is the information on how to perform a liver gallbladder flush using Olive Gold 03.  [Special thanks to Andreas Moritz and Philip Seifer for their contributions…learn more from the book, The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz].

It is common for the liver and gallbladder to be full of pellets and stones, sludge and scar tissue that limit a healthy bile flow.  Bile is the blood-born waste byproduct that the liver produces as it filters wastes from the blood.  It is stored in the gallbladder and released as a powerful digestive juice that breaks down dietary fats.  Debris and bile salts can solidify into fatty pellets.  Ideally, pellets flow into the gallbladder in a semi-soft form and make their way into the gut, bowel and toilet.  Liver pellets stuck in the bilary ducts of the liver impede bile flow.  Pellets that settle in the gallbladder and calcify become gall stones.

Bile that fails to exit the body increases the body’s acidity and burdens the kidneys.   Since bile is a main carrier of metabolic wastes, the reduction in bile flow causes the body to utilize fatty tissue to store its wastes.  A healthy liver processes the majority of the body’s wastes.  This protocol represents  the fast track to having a healthy, fully functioning liver.  Restoring the function of the liver has an enormous impact on healing from numerous health problems!

Items to purchase:

2 – 4 oz. bottles of unscented Olive Gold 03 (or 1 bottle of OG03 and a bottle of high quality cold pressed virgin olive oil if you choose not to take OG03 internally)

Enough organic grapefruit, oranges or lemons and limes to prepare your choice of 12 oz. of squeezed citrus juice total.  (1 oz juice for each of the first 3 days, and 6-8 oz. juice on day 4).

1 – small bottle of vitamin c powder (ascorbic acid)

1 – small amount of natural sweetner, Stevia (also branded as Truvia)

1 – small amount of epsom salts (enough for 3 tablespoons).  Can use liquid magnesium citrate as substitute — look in laxative section of pharmacy.

DAY 1 OF 5

[Reduce protein and sugar intake during the four days of this protocol.  Omit any unnecessary medications or nutritional supplements that may tax the liver. ]

Apply OG03 topically around the mid to lower torso TWICE DAILY, AM AND PM covering the areas of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen.

Mix 1/2 oz. of fresh squeezed organic citrus juice with 1/2 oz of OG03 and drink TWICE DAILY 5 to 20 min. following topical application.

DAY 2 OF 5

Repeat above routine.

DAY 3 OF 5

Repeat above routine.  Prepare 3 – 8 oz beverages for Day 4 and 5:

Each beverage:

8 oz. of purified or distilled water or Smart Water

1 – tablespoon of epsom salts or magnesium citrate

1/4 teaspoon vitamin C powder

1/2 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

Stevia to sweeten to taste.  Refrigerate for Day 4.

DAY 4 of 5

Do not eat after 2PM.  Drink only water.


Consume first glass of epsom salt drink through a straw.


Consume second glass of epsom salt drink though a straw. (Epsom salts and magnesium citrate help dilate the gallbladder and the bilary ducts in the liver to help flush out the pellets).


Prepare:  6-8 oz. fresh squeezed citrus juice and MIX with 1 – 4 oz. bottle of OG03 unscented oil.  (Olive Gold 03 is not currently approved for sale for internal use; however it is safe to consume and SUPERCHARGES the liver gallbladder flush.  When the large amount of ozone reaches the liver, it will help kill parasites, viruses, fungus and neutralize large amounts of toxins residing in the liver and gallbladder).

Consume the mixture of OG03 and citrus juice prior to bed.  Immediately lie down.  Some folks who lie on their right side report feeling the movement of pellets out of the liver.


Upon awakening, consume the third glass of the epsom salt drink.

Stay near the bathroom because the bowel expells watery stools that include dozens of pellets that float on the surface.  The vast majority of stones are actually soft globules of cholesterol.  The first pellets appear like green peas but pellets of different colors usually follow in subsequent flushes.  Most folks have thousands of pellets!

Try repeating the flush one or two weeks apart to allow the remaining liver pellets to move into position for release.

Consider regular use of OG03 along with digestive enzymes with food and systemic enzymes between meals to control systemic inflammation and to digest scar tissue throughout the body.  Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Tony from Connecticut wrote:

“I had sores on my legs and hand due to mosquito bites.  I never experienced such fast healing and disappearance of skin blemishes as with OG03.  In addition I had leg encrusted sores and pain.  In less than 2 days, the encrusted sores were gone and no mark left on the skin.  The pain was alleviated and I felt a boost of energy after rubbing on OG03”

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